The MCHS Herald
Vol 27-1, Issue 1, 2019

Vol 26-2 Spring 2018

  • “Early Settlers of Montgomery Were Believers in Churches, Based on “Recollections Of the Early Settlers of Montgomery County and their Families”, written by W. G. Robertson and published in 1892”
  • “The Great Montgomery Monkey Trial, by John B. Scott, Jr. Reprinted as requested”
  • “The Troubled History of Hamner Hall, by Richard Allen, June 2018”
  • “The Old Arm Chair – Empty, by Toccoa Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Dec.1,1916”
  • “Mrs. Hannah MacIntire Cozart “The Lady of the Old Arm Chair” claimed by Death Early Today, Obituary, The Montgomery Advertiser, Monday, Nov. 20. 1916”
  • “Director of First Sound Picture and Aide to Edison Returns Home, by Katherine Tyson, Women’s Editor, Montgomery Advertiser”
  • “Dr. Miller Reese Hutchison, Birmingham News, Feb. 22, 1944”
  • “John Wilkes Booth in Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, 1920”
  • Fleming’s Restaurant
  • “Recent Bar-B-Que a Big Success at Historic Crescent Lake Club, June 9, 2018”
  • “In House News, Genealogy Workshop”
  • “Back Page, c1945 Montgomery County Board of Education picture”