Our Services

In addition to residing in and maintaining the Figh Pickett Barnes School House, we provide a variety of services to document and preserve Montgomery County’s history and provide research resources to the public:

  • Displays of historically significant artifacts
  • A large reference library of research documents, articles and books
  • Over  234 objects, 2233 books, 1342 archives (papers and documents), and 1179 photos in our searchable Past Perfect database
  • Archival storage for your historically significant Montgomery City/County items
  • Selected exhibits, stories and documentation of the Figh Pickett Barnes School House
  • How to access/use our resources
    • Visiting the house
      • Hours: 10 AM – 2 PM Monday and Wednesday
      • Please park in back and enter via the back door
      • Please call ahead (334-264-1837)
    • Researching the archives
      • Schedule your session with the staff
      • We provide a workspace for you to look through our resources
    • Staff member Past Perfect database searches
      • Schedule your visit with the staff and we will assist with your search needs
  • Do you have an interesting story or piece of Montgomery County history you’d like to share? We’d love to talk with you.