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The Montgomery County Historical Society Herald has been Montgomery County’s source for research and nostalgia since it’s launch in 1993, and it’s a big benefit to members.  You can use this index to search for Herald articles between 1993 and 2018.  While it isn’t linked to the article, you can use it to identify which Herald contains the story. Members may visit MCHS and view archived copies of Heralds if you can’t find your mailed copy.  MCHS visitors can also look through our Herald library.

VOLUME 1 1993
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 MCHS Is Growing!
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 Remember, This Organization Will Not Survive
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 Election of Officers and Board Members
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 First Phase Completed
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 Second Phase
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 First Project: Compiling a Bibliography
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 Second Project: Taping Oral Histories
NUMBER 1 JUNE 1993 Our Main Goal is to Establish an Archives
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993New Headquarters!!!!
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993MCHS Receives Tax Exempt Status From IRS
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993MCHS Membership Meeting
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993A Message From the President of MCHS
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993Pintlala Historical Society
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993Membership Application
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993MCHS Membership as of September 15, 1993
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993Special Thanks to our Founding Members
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993Montgomery’s Neighborhoods: Focus of Oral History Project
NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER 1993A Want List of Items Needed for our New Headquarters/Office
VOLUME 2 1994
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994First One Founded in 1818, Early Schools of Montgomery
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Report on Oral History Workshop
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Obituary Index
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Donations
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Welcome! New members
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Membership Application
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994A Wish List of Items Needed for our Headquarters
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Announcements
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1994Looking Ahead!
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994One Revolutionary War Campaign Launched at Present Site of Court Square
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994People
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994News of Other Organizations and People
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Colored Woman’s Movement
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Donations of Items and Services
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Membership Application
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994The Lafayette Building
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994An Old hatchet
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Working Woman’s Home
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Trivia
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Our Mission and Goals for 1994
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1994Quotation
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Through the years, Hall’s Plantation – Peter A. Brannon
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Committee Reports
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Probate Records Database
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Donations
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Free Storage Boses
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Welcome to our New Members (Jan – July)
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994A Story of Success – From The Colored Alabamian, Oct. 26, 1907
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Free Reading Room Notes – From The Colored Alabamian, Jan. 25, 1908
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Montgomery Library, From the Colored Alabamian, July 6, 1900
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Why a Historical Society is Important and Why You are Needed!
NUMBER 3 JULY 1994Membership Application - Trivia
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Through the Years, Southern League Days – Peter A. Brannon
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Looking Back – Looking Ahead
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Notice of membership Meeting
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Montgomery Trivia
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Geo. H. Todd, Dealer in Guns, Pistols, Cutlery, and Manufacturer of Todd’s Breach-Loading Shot Guns, Gun Material, Fishing Tackle, Etc.
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Education By Mrs. J. M. Powell, From the Colored Alabamian, Dec. 21, 1907
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Officers and Board of Directors
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994We Salute Our Members
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994A Peculiar Accident – Holt’s Dye Works
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1994Acquisition /Wish List
VOLUME 3 1995
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Montgomery Guarded in 1897 as yellow Fever Toll Climbed – Maxie D. Pepperman
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995First interment in Lincoln Cemetery, Daughter of Mr. Richard Lee Laid to Rest
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Hands Across the Bell Street Bridge, Lt. Col. John H. Napier III
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995The Clarence White Concert, From the Colored Alabamian, Mar. 21, 1908
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Thanks, Joe Johnson
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Meeting of Inhabitants
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Electric Park
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Officers and Board of Directors
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Quotations
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995In Case You Were Wondering
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Reminder
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1995Membership Application
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995Story of Burning of State Capitol in 1849 as Told by Boy of Seventy Years Ago
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995The Annual Meeting
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995The New Officers
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995The Directors
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995We Welcome Our New members
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995The Figh-Pickett House
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995Membership
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995Tresslar the Photographer
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995In Memoriam Paul Bentley Jones
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995Sketches of Montgomery’s Oldest Social Club And Its Annual Ball
NUMBER 2 APRIL1995Dr. Daisy Northcross
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Montgomery as a Residence City and Place of Interest to Strangers – Its Motels and Their Proprietor
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Montgomery County Historical Society Receives Award
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Acquisition
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Memorials
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Dr. J. Marion Sims – Doctress Riley, Montgomery Advertiser, April 23, 1841
NUMBER 3 JULY 19951849 Barber Assures patrons He’ll Spare Jugular Veins
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Dr. Stewart Passes Examinations in Georgia and Alabama
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Early Montgomery Dentists
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995General Hospital
NUMBER 3 JULY 1995Montgomery Academy
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995Montgomery, The Marvelous Record of a Year’s Growth
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995Hang On – A County Archives is Coming!
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995People We Can’t Do Without!
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995Highland Park, Peter Brannon’s “Through the Years, The Montgomery Advertiser, April 20, 1941
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995Fiftieth Anniversary of the Montgomery True Blues, Company D, Alabama State Troops
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995McDonald’s Opera House
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1995A Brief History of Alabama State University – Dr. T. Clifford Bibb of ASU
VOLUME 4 1996
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1996Oscar Wilde and One Enchanted Evening in 1882, Montgomery Advertiser, June 23, 1882
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1996The Cigarette, Editor, Advertiser
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1996Public Prostitution, Editor, Advertiser
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1996Early and Colorful Members of the Montgomery Bar
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1996Membership
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Montgomery County Historical Society Plans to Acquire Figh-Pickett House
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996County Commissioner Creates Archivist Position
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Punch and Judy
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Use of Laudanum
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Household Convenience
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Medical Statistics
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996The Goldens
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Concerning MCHS Collecting Policy
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Hair Coloring
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Prof. G. W. Trenholm Locates in Montgomery, From the Colored Alabamian, Feb. 12, 1916
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996For Ladies, From the Montgomery Daily Advertiser, Jan. 16, 1870
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Elly Ruff Barnes
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Reform School
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996A Brief History of the Figh-Pickett House, John Napier
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Thanks to Bobby Arrington
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Stomping, Whistling, and Screeching, Montgomery Daily Advertiser, Jan. 13, 1870
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Welcome New Members
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996The Elite Club, Its Organization and Organizers –Its Present list of members.
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Poor House, From the Montgomery Daily Advertiser, Jan. 15, 1870
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Violence In the Media, Francesca da Rimini – The Last Great Play of This Season
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996Henry A Loveless, From the Colored Alabamian, Oct. 26, 1907
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1996“Sea of Ice”, From the Montgomery
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Sidney Lanier’s Flute, From Montgomery Daily Advertiser, Sept. 25, 1883
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Corruption in Washington, Shocking if True, Montgomery Daily Advertiser, Jan. 13, 1870
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Bishop John Wesley Alstork, Who was Who in America 1897-1941
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996The Snowdoun Shooting Club Dinner, Montgomery Daily Advertiser, July 25, 1883
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Trivial Tidbits
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Twister, Montgomery’s Killer Tornado of 1945, Wesley Phillips Newton
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Members
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Figh-Pickett House (Barnes School) Has Finally Rolled!
NUMBER 3 JULY 1996Thanks to Those Who Made It Possible
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1996The Days of Augusta, Alabama, Peter A. Brannon, The Montgomery Advertiser, Jan. 12, 1947
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1996The Montgomery Gaslight Company, Mathew Blue
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1996Membership List
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1996News of Hale Infirmary
VOLUME 5 1997
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1997Heart of the Southeast: Montgomery, Your Opportunity
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1997Yankee Headquarters in the Figh-Pickett (Barnes School) House, John Napier
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1997Red Snapper, Peter Brannon, Montgomery Advertiser, Oct. 6, 1940
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1997Historical January Tidbits, Blue’s History of Montgomery, 1878
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1997A House is Never Finished, The Anatomy of a Restoration, Cameron Freeman Napier,
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1997White House Association of Alabama
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1997The Housekeeper, Preparing for Fall, by R. E. Merryman, The Colored Alabamian, 10/26/1907
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1997At the Coming of the Great War: The Heart of Montgomery in April 1917 Wesley
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1997Phillips Newton, Professor Emeritus of History, Auburn University
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1997April Trivia: Blue’s History, 1878
NUMBER 3 JULY 1997Some Recollections of Old Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, Maxie D. Pepperman, Aug. 8, 1943
NUMBER 3 JULY 1997Restoration Report: the Figh-Pickett-Barnes School House is Coming along!
NUMBER 3 JULY 1997Proud Lanier Band Grew From 40 Pieces in 20 Years, Eugene Reeder, Montgomery Advertiser, Nov. 15, 1943
NUMBER 3 JULY 1997July Montgomery Historical Trivia, Blue’s History
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER1997Moving the Capital to Montgomery, Peter Brannon, Montgomery Advertiser, July 26, 1946
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER1997Montgomery’s Red Cross Chapter in the Good War: Index of Patriotic Fevor And War Weariness, Wesley Phillips Newton
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER1997September Historical Trivia, Blue’s History
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER1997Why a Historical Society is Important and Why You are Needed! Miriam Jones
VOLUME 6 1998
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1998Samuel Swan, Builder, Peter Brannon, Montgomery Advertiser, Mid 1940s
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1998Capital’s Own Symphony Orchestra Makes Its Debut, Montgomery Advertiser, Allen Rankin, March 27, 1940
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1998Kirmess
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1998January Historical Trivia, Blue’s History
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1998Confederate Prison and Union Cemetery at Montgomery, Alabama Historical Quarterly, Earl Antrim
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1998April-May-June Historical Trivia, Blue’s History
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1998This, Folks, is Popcorn Myers, Allen Rankin, Montgomery Advertiser, July 7, 1940
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998Famous Old Picket Home to be Sold to Barnes School, Prof. Barnes’ memorabilia 1906 Advertiser
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998Stars Fell on Alabama, Ray Gould, Montgomery Advertiser, Nov. 12, 1944
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998Montgomery and the Golden Age of Hollywood, Wesley Phillips Newton
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998Sidney Lanier High School Homecoming, 1942, Montgomery Advertiser, Feb. 8, 1942
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998A Tribute to Landmarks Foundation
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998July-August-September Historical Trivia, Blue’s History
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998LaFayette’s Visit to Montgomery, M. P. Blue, from A Brief History of Montgomery, 1878
NUMBER 3 JULY 1998Total War Comes to Montgomery, John H. Napier
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1998Andrew Dexter: An Enigma
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1998About Archives
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1998October-November-December Historical Trivia, Blue’s History
VOLUME 7 1999
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1999Old Trouper Mourns Fate of the Grand. Many Montgomerians Hope it Will Again Be In Use, Ray Gould, Montgomery Adv, Feb 18, 1945
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1999Jan-Feb-March Historical Trivia
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1999The Fad That did Not Play Out, Sara Crist, Montgomery Adv, Sept. 1, 1940
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1999Commerce Street Looking North From Court Square in 1940, Frank Spangler,Jr., Montgomery Advertiser, 1940
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1999The Lady of the Fountain, Sara Crist, Montgomery Adv., July 14, 1940 Our Two Montgomerys
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1999Apr-May-June Historical Trivia
NUMBER 2 APRIL 1999The Attempt to Arrest Kin Moony
NUMBER 3 JULY 1999Montgomery during the Time of the Spanish-American War, Dr. Wesley Phillips Newton
NUMBER 3 JULY 1999Cloverdale or Lanier? Ralph Loeb, Jr.
NUMBER 3 JULY 1999A Montgomery Grade School Boy During World War II, James W. Fuller
NUMBER 3 JULY 1999Young Volunteers From Kentucky
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1999Grand Opening of Union Station, Montgomery Adv, May 1, 1898
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1999Historical Trivia
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1999The duel
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1999Airplane Guides to Encircle City, Montgomery Adv, October 11, 1940
VOLUME 8 2000
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2000The Capture of Aaron Burr in Alabama, A. J. Pickett’s History of Alabama, Published 1851
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2000Historical Trivia
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2000Takeoffs and Forced Landings: the Origins of Commercial Aviation in Montgomery, 1928-1938, Dr. Wesley P. Newton
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2000Inventory of Estate of Lemuel P. Montgomery
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2000Confederate General and 84-Year-Old Woman Try Airplane Ride, Flying Holds No Terrors For Two Aging Alabamians on First Flight, Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 8, 1929
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2000Street Names of Old Montgomery
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2000From the 1926 Black and Gold, Barnes School Yearbook
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2000Reminiscences of Early Settlers near Kiwanis Playground Street Names of Old Montgomery
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2000From the 1926 Black and Gold, Barnes School Yearbook
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2000Reminiscences of Early Settlers near Kiwanis Playground
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000LaFayette’s Visit to Alabama, A First-Hand Account by General Thomas Woodward
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000Street Names of Old Montgomery
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000Seventy Years or More Ago (ca. 1828), Montgomery Adv, May 18, 1898
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000The U.S.S. Montgomery
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000Addendum to Street Names in Old Montgomery
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000The Story of Tempey Ellis and Milly of Milly’s Creek
NUMBER 3 JULY, 2000Some Aspects of Montgomery Entertainment: 1850s Through 1850s, Thomas W. Oliver
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2000A World War II Christmas in Montgomery, Dr. Wesley P. Newton
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2000The Closing-Out of Forbes, Draws Great Crowds to the Warehouse on Dexter Avenue, Montgomery Advertiser, April 12, 1898
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2000Tax Assessor: A Hazardous Occupation
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2000Police Officers Get Zero Rate as Mule Skinners, Montgomery Advertiser, February 14, 1944
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2000The Montgomery Gray Ladies of World War II, Montgomery Adv, July 18, 1943
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2000The Rattlesnake, Excerpts from “The Travels of William Bartram”
VOLUME 9 2001
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2001Montgomery’s First Railroads, Thomas W. Oliver
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2001One of Lee’s Flags of Truce, Judge Walter Burgwyn Jones, Alabama Historical Quarterly, Spring, 1930
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2001Albert James Pickett, Alabama’s First Historian, Excerpt from an article By Marie Bankhead Owen in the Spring, 1930 issue of the Alabama Historical Quarterly
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2001Restoration Update and 2001 Projection, JWF
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2001Pepperman Goes Back Some Years to List City’s Old Stores, Maxie Pepperman, The Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday, April 1, 1945
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2001The Great Montgomery Monkey Trial, John B. Scott, Jr.
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2001Artificial Legs For Confederate Veterans, excerpt from article in Summer,1940, Alabama Historical Quarterly
NUMBER 3 JULY 2001“Little Mag” The Story of the Wilson Magnolia, Mary Dreyspring, 217 Mildred Street, Montgomery, Alabama 1939
NUMBER 3 JULY 2001Passing of the Old Montgomery Theatre, The Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday,
NUMBER 3 JULY 2001November 24 th , 1907 by Frank P. O’Brien
NUMBER 3 JULY 2001The Community House: A Unique Montgomery Heritage, Sangernetta Bush and Elaine M. Smith
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2001The Death of a Montgomery Soldier in the Great War, Dr. Wesley Phillips Newton
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2001The Air Shows of the 1930s in Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, December 1932, 1934, 1941
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2001State Archives Dedicated by Society of American Archivists, Alabama Quarterly, Vol. 2, Number 3, Fall, 1940
VOLUME 10 2002
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2002General William Preston Screws, Warrior Extraordinaire, Thomas W. Oliver
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 200219 th Century Pest Control, Archdeacon’s Kitchen Cabinet, Book of Recipes, 1876
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002Evolution of the Montgomery County Courthouse, Court Houses for a Growing Town, Thomas W. Oliver
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002Montgomery’s First Church, Churches of the City of Montgomery, M. P. Blue, 1878, T. C. Bingham & Co., Montgomery, Ala.
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002Purchase of Water Works by City in 1898, “Trade Issue”, September 27, 1886, Montgomery Daily Advertiser
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002The Tangerine: A Lively Spot at Luncheon Time, Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 11, 1939
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002Electric Park, Montgomery Advertiser, July 2, 1906
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002Montgomery County’s Smaller Towns In 1880
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2002Montgomery County’s Earliest Settlers, Woodwards Reminiscences, General Thomas S. Woodward, 1859
NUMBER 3 JULY 2002Stars Fell on Alabama and Montgomery, Brigadier General John H. Napier III
NUMBER 3 JULY 2002Huntingdon College, Its Origin and Development
NUMBER 3 JULY 2002The Development of Montgomery’s Communications, Montgomery Advertiser, Sesquicentennial Edition, Sunday, February 23, 1969, Robert g. Ursul
NUMBER 3 JULY 2002Montgomery Country Club Burns, Montgomery Advertiser, February 16, 1925
NUMBER 3 JULY 2002The Origin of Dixie, Montgomery Advertiser, February 23, 1969
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2002The Evolution of Montgomery’s Stockyards, John M. Trotman and Thomas W. Oliver
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2002Montgomery’s Early Law Enforcement, Robert G. Ursul, Montgomery Advertiser, Sesquicentennial Edition, February 23, 1969
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2002Miss Margaret Booth Will Be Presented in Lecture, Montgomery Advertiser, December 7, 1939.
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2002City Purchases Water Works, 1898
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2002Origin of the Village of Montgomery, Excerpt, History of Montgomery, Alabama, Messrs, Beal and Phelan, assisted by M. P. Blue, published by Bingham & Co., Montgomery, 1878
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2002Spang-Spang Show Coming!
VOLUME 11 2003
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2003Joe Maloy’s Letter: Reminiscences of the World War II Era
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2003Montgomery’s Early Firefighters, Excerpt from article by Raymond Massey In the Montgomery Advertiser, Sesquicentennial Edition, Sunday, February 23, 1969
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2003Spang/Spang Show
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2003Keep White Flag Up, Montgomery Advertiser, July 1, 1943
NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2003Martin Marshall’s Book, Alabama Historical Quarterly, 1940
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Hubbard Hospital, By Charles Hubbard
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Home Front General Orders, Montgomery Advertiser, June 27, 1943
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Capital to Join Airmail System of U.S. Today, Inaugural Ceremonies to be held In Afternoon at Municipal airport, 3 Navy Planes in Passenger Service
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Likely to be Brought Here in Year, Mayor Informed, Montgomery Advertiser, February 15, 1932
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Montgomery Pilots in 1940
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Gen. Grant and Capt. Ben Hill Screws, Montgomery Advertiser.
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Maxwell Field Giving Barn Dance for GIs, Montgomery Advertiser, June 21, 1944
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Copy of Cotton Gin Estimate, Price F.O.B. Dallas, Texas or Birmingham, Ala. 1900
NUMBER 2 APRIL 2003Maxwell Field Hears Official Air Corps Song, Robert Crawford, Who Wrote it, Flies Down to Sing it Himself, Montgomery Advertiser, Oct. 7, 1939
NUMBER 3 JULY 2003Montgomery’s Oak Park, Its Rich Past and Exciting Future, By Carole A. King
NUMBER 3 JULY 2003Hale’s Infirmary
NUMBER 3 JULY 2003Hallowe’en Carnival Planned at Pine Level, Montgomery Advertiser, October 27, 1939
NUMBER 3 JULY 2003The Passing of Old Dexter Avenue, Rice Gaither, Montgomery Advertiser, August 13, 1911
NUMBER 3 JULY 2003More About Mordecai, Peter A. Brannon, Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 20, 1958
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2003Society Loses Valued Member, Thomas Winfrey Oliver IV, July 1, 1925 - September 20, 2003
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2003Up We Go: Advent of the Barnstorming Era of Aviation in Montgomery, By Dr. Wesley Phillips Newton
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2003Montgomery Depot a Human Interest Center, By Marie Bankhead Owen, Montgomery Advertiser, March 19, 1911
NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 2003Louis Smith Killed by Louis Roney in Pistol Duel Near Alhambra Saloon, Montgomery Advertiser, January 21, 1913
2004William Calvin Oates: Renegade, Soldier, Statesman, Governor, Thomas W. Oliver IV
2004Two of Bienville’s Cannon in Montgomery, Except from A History of Alabama, Albert James Pickett, Published 1851
2004Dannelly Field Dedication Set for Thursday, Ceremony to Signalize Resumption Of EAL Service at New Port, Montgomery Advertiser, June 27, 1943
2004Work on Bowl Set for Spring, Montgomery Advertiser, Nov. 8, 1940
2004Origin of Capitol Heights, Capitol Heights Civic Association web page
2004Alabama Defeats Auburn in Alumni Battle 6 to 0, Jimmy Johnson Makes Only Score of Game - Montgomery Advertiser, Jan. 2, 1929, Ed M. Harris
2004Development of the Montgomery YWCA, Montgomery Advertiser Nov. 27, 1940
2004Steamboats on the Alabama River, Montgomery to Mobile: 345 Miles, Thomas W. Oliver IV
2004Spangler of the Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery Advertiser, Jan. 12, 1913
2004Today’s Radio Program, Columbia-WSFA, Montgomery Adv., Sept. 14, 1939
2004Candlelight Restaurant Ideal Place to Entertain Visitors, Montgomery Advertiser, November 25, 1940
2004Capital’s First Telegraph Line Strung in 1856, Centenary of Morse’s Invention Recalls Local History, Mildred Smith, Montgomery Adv, May 29, 1944
2004Highland park Sanatorium (sic) Sold, Dr. T. Brannon Hubbard Buys Famous Health Institution in Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, Ed
2004Memories of the Airport Inn, Madera A. Spencer
2004A History of Madison Avenue: The Main Street of Capitol Heights, June 1993
2004Public Transportation in Montgomery, Thomas W. Oliver IV
2004Holding and Reassignment Point will be in Use for Many Years after This War’s Shooting Ends, Montgomery Advertiser, May 21, 1944
2004A & P Opens New Montgomery Super Market at 215 Madison Avenue, Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 14, 1939
2004Hoop, Jr. Triumphs in Kentucky Derby by Six Lengths, Pot O’Luck Second; Darby Dieppe Third Richest Stake, Montgomery Horse Covers Distance In 1907, Leo Peterson, Louisville, Ky, June 9, Montgomery Advertiser, June 10, 1945
2004Tavern Café Rendezvous of Busy Downtown Workers, Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 16, 1940
2004Miss Engelhardt Tells of Life Today in France, Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 17, 1944
2004Crowds Continue to Call Upon the Noted Clairvoyant, Montgomery Advertiser, March 19, 1911
2004Kissing to be Barred in Montgomery Public Schools, Montgomery Advertiser, January 12, 1913
2004Montgomery’s Railroads at War, John H. Napier III
2004Baseball at Cramton Bowl, Ralph Loeb, Jr.
2004Delightful Montgomery Couple Who Celebrated Golden Weeding At Their Old Home Yesterday, Captain and Mrs. Mastin Celebrate, Rosalie Armstead Higgins, Montgomery Advertiser, Oct. 11, 1914
2004Letter From Nicholas H. Holmes, Jr. FAIA, Dear Bob Gamble and John Scott
2004General LaFayette Visits Montgomery, Through The Years, Peter A. Brannon, Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 13, 1936
2004Recollections of the Settlers of Montgomery County and Their Families W. G. Robertson, Montgomery County
2004History of The Jefferson Davis Home, Montgomery Advertiser, July 23, 1919
2004Oliver Family Pistol Donated To MCHS
2005The History of Hamner Hall, Thomas W. Oliver IV
2005Centenary of Montgomery’s Historic City of the Dead, Mrs. Charlotte Dexter, Wife of City’s Founder, Montgomery Advertiser, Joel W. Woodruff, July 27, 1919
2005Inter Se Club Reunion Banquet, November 26, 1919
2005Immigrant’s Progress from “The Lehmans” “From Rimpar to the New World-A Family History”, Roland Flade
2005“Tell Me of the Past”, Florence Marks Pratt, April 12, 1891-January 15, 1985, Cousin Emily Semple’s 85th Birthday, March 29, 1914
2005Montgomery and the War of 1812, W. Kirk Wood
2005Splitting in a Free Country, Montgomery Advertiser, July 19, 1916
2005“Aviation In and From Montgomery During the Jazz Age: Two Episodes”, Wesley Phillips Newton
2005Montgomery’s History, 1852, Col. A. J. Pickett, Montgomery Advertiser, March 14, 1937
2005Taylor Field Forgotten History, Frank R. Broadway, Jr.
2005Who Was the First Settler of Montgomery”, Montgomery Advertiser
2005Ramer, Alabama, Mrs. Gloria Smith, from her 1984 historical essay and the Moncre Telephone Publication, In Touch, 50th Anniversary Issue
2005Montgomery’s Oldest Woman Inhabitant, Montgomery Advertiser 1902
2005Barnes School for Boys Graduating Class of 1927
2005Rosa Parks and the Law, J. Mills Thornton III
2005Montgomery’s Confederate Warship, John H. Napier III
2005Now is the Time for Remembering Past Christmas Joys”, Joe Azbell, Editor, The Montgomery Independent, December 1, 1994
2005One of the Old Settlers, Mr. Israel W. Roberts Talks to a Reporter
2005Barnes School for Boys Graduating Class of 1942
2006Dr. Luther Hill, A Retrospective, John B. Scott
2006The Blue Moon Inn, Miss Leila G. Dowe, January 1966
2006The Daily News (N.Y. City) (President-elect Roosevelt visits ca. Dec. 1932), John Chapman
2006How Mardi Gras Migrated, From Marseilles and Munich to Mobile and Montgomery, John Hawkins Napier III
2006Barnes School for Boys Class of 1931
2006Fourteen Adams Avenue, A Story of Two Houses, Peter A. Brannon, from a brochure printed in July 1929
2006Robert Pierce Arrington, 1920 – 2005
2006Looking Back at Montgomery, From the Century’s Half-mile Stone, Written 1900, author unknown
2006Mrs. Hall Recalls Country Life in Felder Street Neighborhood, Lida Hill, Women’s Staff Writer, Advertiser Journal, February 16, 1964
2006“Montgomery” from Alabama History, Joel Campbell DuBose, 1908
2006Temple Seibels and Helen Keller, Katharine Keller Tyson, Montgomery Advertiser
2006It Happened at Midnight, Dial Phones Cut in Here; ‘Number Please’ Obsolete, Montgomery Advertiser, February 16, 1941, writer unknown
2006Barnes School Graduating Class of 1940
2006Wholesale District of Montgomery Swept by Disastrous Conflagration, 1927, Montgomery Advertiser, June 5, 1927, Flames Fanned Across Commerce Street by Heavy Breeze
2006Swimming Pools will Close Sunday, Montgomery Advertiser, June 5, 1927
2006Photographs from the Past
2006School Building in Alabama, The Experience of Montgomery County, 1926, Richard Woods Edmonds
2006Growing up in Montgomery during the Depression Years, Ralph Loeb
2006State Archives. 1847, Reminiscences of Public Men in Alabama, William M. Garrett
2006Old Milly, Lewis Ward
2006Cotton Gins in Montgomery County, Andrew Jackson McLemore, Jr.
2006Mrs. Willey Gale Martin is Renowned for her Gracious Charm and Artful Portraits, Mary Graene Dobbins, Montgomery Examiner, Feb. 27, 1955
2006Showing of the Artistic work of Portraitist, Willey Gayle Martin, August 24 th .
2006Barnes School for Boys, Graduating Class of 1936
2006The Montgomery True Blues, John Hawkins Napier III
2006One by One, The Old landmarks Have to Give Way to the Demands of Trade and Progress, Unknown Newspaper and author
2006The Old Bell Tavern, Also Known as the Montgomery Hotel and Freeney’s Tavern (Jan. 1900)
2006Ante-Bellum Gardens, Undated, (1800’s) Author Unknown
2006Barnes School for Boys Graduating Class of 1937
2006Willey Gayle Martin Portrait Show a Tremendous Success
2007Letter Written in 1863, From Cahaba to Mathews Station, E. W. Mathews, Evergreen Grove, November 2, 1863
2007Montgomery As it Was in 1859, Sara Crist, Montgomery Advertiser 1940
2007Pickett House City Landmark, First Historian Purchased Home From its Builder, Montgomery Advertiser, probably 1940a
2007History Discovered for the Jackson Piano, Montgomery Advertiser, Adelaide
2007Rogers, date unknown
2007Home of John and Joshua Falconer, Floated on Rafts Down the River, First House Built in Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 14, 1916
2007First White House of Confederacy to Undergo Repairing, Montgomery Advertiser, August 23, 1916
2007Hatchett Residence is City Landmark, Boasted One of First Bathrooms in Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, unknown date
2007Steam Whistle at the Oak Park Lumber Mill, Ted Parker
2007Blue’s History of Stirring Events, Cash M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal, Date unknown
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2009Mr. Mark Dauber Speaks to Historical Society Membership
2009Herman N. Blackwell
2009Year End 1008 Donors
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2009Membership Meeting of MCHS on Sept. 20, 2009
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August 2010Update on your Historical Society and the Future History Museum
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February 2011History CD’s
February 2011Year End Contributors and Welcome New Members
February 2011Montgomery Museum of History and In House News
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June 2011History CD’s
June 2011Old South Historical Society
June 2011Court Street Site is Chose by Board for New School
June 2011Membership Meeting
June 2011Contract Let For New Hotel, Blair to Begin Work at Once on Structure, Montgomery Advertiser, Jan. 15, 1927.
June 2011Montgomery Museum of History and In House News
June 2011Back Cover – Mystery Photo.
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October 2011Historical Society to Honor Military Veterans
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October 2011June Membership Meeting
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October 2011Montgomery Museum of History Archival Donations
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December 2011Men, Measures, and Memories
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December 2011Leisure Time in Montgomery, Attributed to Miss Sarah Wyman
December 2011Gunter Orders Straw Hats Fed to Hungry Stock, ca. 1925
December 2011Mayor Wears Straw Hat Despite Proclamation, ca. 1925
December 2011Welcome New Members
December 2011Historical Society Honored Military Veterans on November 11 th , 2011
December 2011The Old Cannon on Capitol Hill, Montgomery Advertiser, April 7, 1926 from Mr. Geo. Todd’s scrapbook
December 2011Leo Jacob Drum, Jr.
December 2011“Now The Rest of The Story”, Major L. P. Montgomery
December 2011Montgomery Museum of History Archival Donations
December 20112011 Year End Donors
December 2011Society Forms two Community Committees
December 2011Fall Membership Meeting Held, Nov. 20, 1011
December 2011Hamn Family visits Barnes School
December 2011Woman’s Club of Montgomery
April 2012Rudolf Eickemeyer and the Mt. Meigs Scene – John B. Scott, Jr.
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April 2012Frank Young, Veteran Dispatcher Louisville & Nashville R.R., Retires After Many Years of Fine Service, Montgomery Advertiser, Dec. 31,1922
April 2012Society Receives Handsome Donation
April 2012The Cannon at the Capitol “The Rest of the Story”
April 2012Great Loss to the Society (Drum, Waller, Jones & Thorington)
April 2012Historic Homes #2 – Augusta martin Butler, Alabama Historical Quarterly, Montgomery Museum of History
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July 2012Look and see if you have any ancestors in the pictures
July 2012Barnes for Boys Graduating Class of 1922
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September 2012Montgomery of Yesterday and the Day Before as it is Remembered by John P. Kohn, Sept. 8, 1941 (Last of a series of three) Montgomery Advertiser
September 2012What’s Been Going on at the Historical Society
September 2012County Commissioners Donate to the MCHS
September 2012Semi-Annual Membership Meeting
September 2012Oakwood Cemetery, JWF
September 2012Lost Students, Class of 1922
December 2012Montgomery Born of the War of 1812 – John H. Napier III
December 2012MCHS Meeting of Membership on November 18 th Big Success – Rev. G. Burton
December 2012Events of the War - Official Account of the Victory over the Creek Indians, Andrew Jackson, The Weekly Messenger, Boston, April 29th, 1814
December 2012Old Chimney, Old landmark, is Torn Down, Probably, The Montgomery Advertiser
December 2012Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, Louise Mickle Cooper, 1900-1908 Approx. The article donated by Barbara Britton, was written by her great-great aunt
December 2012Of Time Remembered (A Montgomery Neighborhood of the Early 1900’s, This Paper presented, Nov. 4, 1993 to the Thirteen by James J. Britton
December 20122012 Year End Contributions
March 2013A Bit of Power Company History – Mr. B. S. Maultsby, Montgomery Advertiser, June 17, 1929
March 2013Cuban Missile Crisis
March 2013Under the Capitol Dome, Date unknown
March 2013Abner McGehee of Hope Hull, John Hawkins Napier III (1779-1855)
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March 2013George Washington (1736-1799), An Address Written by Robert Fraser Charles in 1836, Published previously in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, February 1968
March 2013Birthday of George Washington (1732-1799)
March 2013Junior Twentieth Century Club Meeting at Historical Society
March 2013New County Archivist, Mr. Kevin Hollis, visited
March 2013Debate on Who Should be Armed in Schools is Not New
March 2013Who Is He? Picture (Chambers, Montgomery)
March 2013Ferry Across, probably the Tallapoosa River, Picture
March 20132012 Year End Contributions
March 2013Spring Meeting
June 2013Montgomery’s McIntyres Included a Proconsul – John Hawkins Napier III
June 2013The Passing of Old Dexter Avenue – Rice Gaither, Montgomery Advertiser, August 13, 1911
June 2013Chantilly – Author and date unknown, Article provided by Peggy Hall Joseph Approximately 1967
June 2013Art Museum Started with Gay’s Painting – Former Montgomerian Who Has Boston Studio, Presents “David” to League, Montgomery Advertiser, November 11, 1921
June 2013Montgomery Schools and Churches – Mr. Gorrie Looks Back Toward the Early Days - Montgomery Advertiser, Unknown date
June 2013Steamboat Days on Alabama River – “High Waters Came Every Year in Old Days” Article by Mr. J. M. Gorrie, Montgomery Advertiser, date unknown
June 2013Oak Park – Formerly Highland Park
June 2013Back Page – North Side of Dexter Showing Old Sheds
October 2013Recollections of Jennie Jones Vass – 1922
October 2013Sites of Early Montgomery Ferries – John Hawkins Napier III
October 2013The Harris Family – James W. Fuller
October 2013Merchants Want Square Repaved, Montgomery Advertiser, March 7, 1935
October 2013Airplane Invented by Montgomerian, Flew In a Church – Robert G. Hanna The Montgomery Advertiser, May 27, 1918
October 2013One of Montgomery’s Little Recognized Landmarks, Latest to be Reduced to a Pile of Rubble
October 2013New Book about Montgomery – Col. Jeffery Benton
October 2013Montgomery Related Books either released to the publishers or in the making
October 2013Junior League Follies, To be Brilliant Production, The Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday, February 18, 1934, By A. S. W.
October 2013Ken Ward’s History Project
October 2013Back cover – Parade of the Mechanic Hook and Ladder Fire Department
Winter 2014Fairs in Montgomery, John B. Scott, Jr.
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Winter 2014Three Generations Officiate at Altar, C.M. “Cash” Stanley, July 19, 1953
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Winter 2014Historic Society Membership Meeting, May 4, 2013
Winter 2014Some Antique Furniture, Peter A. Brannon, September 11, 1932
Winter 2014Railroad Time Tables in 1956, Peter A. Brannon, September 4, 1932
Winter 2014Church Memorial Windows, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
Winter 2014Historical Society Projects, Historic Structures Committee
Winter 2014Special Year End donations
Winter 2014Back Cover – Can you identify these men?
Spring 2014The Lady of the Old Arm Chair – The Madison House and Other Things – By Hannah Cozart, Probably Montgomery Advertiser, c. 1916
Spring 2014Positivism of Mister Elly – The Montgomery Advertiser, Author Unknown
Spring 2014Road Condition, July 1929, The Montgomery Alabama Journal and The Times
Spring 2014Do You Remember This? Glimpses of Old Montgomery. Alabama Journal,
Spring 2014Unpublished Stories of Abraham Lincoln, By George P. Floyd
Spring 2014Wanted, Book Binding Honor Donation
Spring 2014Montgomery Events of By-Gone Days
Spring 2014This and That, History Around town, MCHS BBQ
Spring 2014Montgomery Museum of History Collections
Spring 2014In House News, Appreciation
Summer 2014Bad Boys Got Good, When Veteran Pay…by Albert Dillard, Montgomery Advertiser, date unknown.
Summer 2014The Bluestockings, Ladies Literary Club, article furnished by Sallie W. Millsap
Summer 2014He Made First Bank Loan to Confederacy, Cash M. Stanley, The Alabama Journal (Montgomery Advertiser) Fed. 6, 1949
Summer 2014Effort to Keep Davis Home on Present Site Planned, Mrs. Belle Allen Ross, Expresses… The Montgomery Advertiser, July 16, 1919.
Summer 2014River Boat May Return to Traffic, Peerless Suggested…, The Montgomery Adv., July 16, 1917
Summer 2014Summer Fund Raiser Bar-B-Que in July Big Success
Summer 2014Interesting Facts About the Hobbie Brothers, Contributed by Billie Capell and James Fuller.
Summer 2014Unit of Elevators for Hobbies Will be Built at Once, Permit issued….
Summer 2014Eighteen Victims of Rabid Dogs Arrive, Ten from Dothan…The Montgomery Adv. July 23, 1919.
Summer 2014Mad Dog Stirs Dexter Avenue, Bites Small Boy…The Montgomery Advertiser Date unknown
Summer 2014Edward Pattillo letter, about Hannah Cozart
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Summer 2014November 5, 1916, by Hannah McIntyre Cozart
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Summer 2014Julia Parker McDonald, 1928-2014
Summer 2014Montgomery to Control Sea Resort, St. George’s Island, Montgomery Advertiser, 1916
Summer 2014St. George Island – Wikipedia
Summer 2014“Baby For Sale” May be Seen on Square, Shriners Take Charge… Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday, May 8, 1921
Summer 2014When a Sprig of Ivy Came to Montgomery, C. M. Stanley, The Montgomery Journal, April 21, 1957
Summer 2014This Farmer Says Automobile Solves Many Big Problems, Up-keep of Horse and Vehicle… The Montgomery Advertiser, August 6, 1916
Summer 2014Montgomery Museum of History Collection
Summer 2014In House News
Summer 2014Grove Court Apartments
Fall 2014Beginning of Human Flight, by Wilbur Wright, The Montgomery Advertiser, August 27, 1916.
Fall 2014Tallapoosa Bridge Give Opportunity, Kellyton Citizen Says Electric Railway Will Open Up a Vast Territory Bring Trade to the City, Letter by H. R. Robbins, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, November 26, 1916.
Fall 2014Woman Writes Interesting Story of Red Eagle, Chief of Alabama Creek Indians, Wife of Grandson of Famous Warrior Recalls Exciting Days Around Montgomery Years Ago, By Martha V. Weatherford, The Montgomery Advertiser, October 15,1916, p 7
Fall 2014The Thirteen Has A Golden Anniversary, by Cash M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal, January 13, 1952
Fall 2014Police Making War on Women Who Are Not Wanted in City, The Montgomery Advertiser, July 15, 1917.
Fall 2014The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 15, More Old Homes, The Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday, October 8, 1916, By Hannah McIntyre Cozart, (Winter Place & Tyson House)
Fall 2014Teachers to Wage a Better English Purity Campaign, Miss Della Mohr Heads Movement in this City.
Fall 2014Happy Birthday, Betty Godbold
Fall 2014Letter Written in 1860, Montgomery, AL, Jan. 6 th , 1860, G. H. Mooney.
Fall 2014Photograph on back page, Dexter Avenue looking west, Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Jack Noble, dated about 1900.
Winter 2014Fairs in Montgomery by John B. Scott, Jr.
Winter 2014Selection of Articles by C. M. “Cash” Stanley, Editor – The Alabama Journal - (He Built A Church Whithersoever He went, February 5, 1950) (Three Generations Officiate at Altar, July 19, 1953) (A Butler County Gift to Montgomery, February 19, 1950)
Winter 2014Historic Society Membership Meeting, Sunday, May 4 th , speaker, Mr. Nimrod Frazer
Winter 2014Selected Articles from Through the Years, by Peter A. Brannon, The Advertiser - (Some Antique Furniture, September 11, 1932) (Railroad Time Tables in 1856, September 4, 1932)
Winter 2014Church Memorial Windows, Where They Were, Where They Are Today
Winter 2014Historical Society Projects - Oakwood Cemetery
Winter 2014Historic Structures Committee
Spring 2015Memories of Growing Up in Montgomery – Ellis Cameron Stewart
Spring 2015The Untold Story of the Fountain – Montgomery Guide, Aug, 1982, Mrs. Marie Bankhead Owen, director, Alabama Dept. of Archives & History.
Spring 2015Looking Back 85 Years to the Hobbie Farm, Mary Lynne Levy and Additional Family information by Beryl Chestnutt
Spring 2015Wanna Buy Some Berries? Is The Song That Awakens The Late Sleeper After 6, Montgomery Times, May 20, 1920
Spring 2015Lakeside Sites Prove Popular, J. Otis Williamson, Sales Manager. – Adv.
Spring 2015The Lady of The Old Arm Chair, The Square, The Court House and The Market. No. 10, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, September 3, 1916, by Hannah McIntyre Cozart.
Spring 2015Makers of Montgomery, Men and Women Who are Doing Things to Make Capital City More Enterprising and Progressive, Fred J. Cramton, The Montgomery Advertiser, December 25, 1927.
Spring 2015Volunteers, Oakwood Cemetery
Spring 2015Historical Society Membership Meeting on May 14 th . Burton, Harper, McLeod, Gibbs, Foshee.
Spring 2015Back page, The Chappell House has Been Saved
Summer 2015 Do you Remember This? Glimpses of Old Montgomery, The Advertiser, July 25, 1929
Summer 2015 Do You Remember This” Glimpses of Old Montgomery, Alabama Journal & Times, August 1, 1929
Summer 2015 Through the Years, Montgomery in 1887 – Peter Brannon, The Advertiser, Sunday, April 16, 1939
Summer 2015 Pearl Harbor Base to be U.S. Tower of Strength in Pacific, The Advertiser, August 3, 1919
Summer 2015 Alabama, Many Different Flags, Birmingham Ledger
Summer 2015 A Letter From Governor Watts, The Advertiser, June 7, maybe 1932
Summer 2015 The Lady of The Old Arm Chair, No. 2, 4 th of July, Reminiscences of a Montgomery Woman, The Montgomery Journal, July 9, 1916, by Hannah McIntyre Cozart
Summer 2015 Roof Garden of Beauvoir Club, Ideal Place to Spend an Evening, July 20, 1919
Summer 2015 Ongoing Progress on Oakwood Cemetery Project
Summer 2015 Books you might find Interesting – History of Montgomery or Alabama
Summer 2015 Earliest Times, In and Around Montgomery, An Interesting Communication From Dr. W. S. Wyman of State University, The Advertiser, June 1893
Summer 2015 Annual Summer Bar-B-Que a Big Success
Summer 2015 Bill to Tighten Sunday Laws to be Introduced Soon, The Advertiser, July 10, 1919
Summer 2015 History Archives Collections
Summer 2015 In House News
Summer 2015 Coming Event – Back Page
Fall 2015Rotarians Hear History of Montgomery Fair Told by Harry Danziger, Montgomery Advertiser, October 4, c1917
Fall 2015Membership Meeting of the Montgomery County Historical Society on November 15, 1915
Fall 2015The Park Question, The People are Now Discussing it from Every Standpoint, Montgomery Advertiser, June 22, 1893
Fall 2015The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 11, Yellow Fever in 1853, By Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, Sept. 10, 1916
Fall 2015A Night of Tragedy and A Day of Humor, By C. M. “Cash” Stanley, Editor The Alabama Journal, July 8, 1956
Fall 2015How the Gamblers Were Banished From the Town in 1836, (From Times Gone By) Exact newspaper of original unknown, by W. S. Wyman
Fall 2015Covered Wagons and Volunteer Firemen are Recalled by Wolff. (Fourth in a Series of articles on Montgomery from 1883 to 1888
Fall 2015Activities for the future of the Historical Society (Helen Wells)
Fall 2015History Quotes: Golda Meir, My Life and Rudyard Kipling, The Collected Works
Fall 2015Progress on Oakwood Cemetery Project
Fall 2015City of Birmingham Born in Rear of Montgomery Bank, Montgomery Advertiser-Alabama Journal, October 15, 1950
Fall 2015Warree LeBron Art Show A Big Success
Fall 2015Long time Board Member Retires after Nearly Twenty Years of Devoted Service, Betty Godbold
Fall 2015New Board Members Elected, Christy Anderson, Gary P. Burton & Zac Gibbs
Fall 2015History Archives Collections, HELP, Rebinding Montgomery City Directories
Fall 2015In House News, New Members, Honors, Special Donations
Fall 2015Back Page, Wilson’s Nursery
Winter 2015Through the Years, Market Street, by Peter A. Brannon, The Montgomery Advertiser, October 30, 1938
Winter 2015Through the Years, Swan’s Journal, by Peter A. Brannon, The Montgomery Advertiser, May 19, 1940
Winter 2015Chappell House: An Opportunity for Preservation, Landmarks, MCHS and Montgomery Historical Structures committee
Winter 2015Three Aged Montgomerians Who Live on First Site of This city, Picture of James Cappell, Mrs. James Laprade and her husband.
Winter 2015The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 5, The Burning of the Capitol, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, July 30, 1916, by Hannah McIntyre Cozart.
Winter 2015Early Days of Montgomery Recalled by Suggestion to Observe 100th Anniversary, First White Settlers Domiciled on the River Bluff, Below Site of Present
Winter 2015Union Depot in 1814. By P. W. Williams, The Montgomery Advertiser, July 30, 1916
Winter 2015Some Popular Errors in Alabama History, Through the Years, by Peter A. Brannon, The Montgomery Advertiser, January 29, 1933
Winter 2015Auburn Old-Timers Recall Famous Games, by C. M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal, December 27, 1953
Winter 2015Wanted, Rebinding Old City Directories, Collections, New Members, Billie Capell, Larry Chillous
Winter 2015Contributions to the 2014 Year End Appeal
Winter 2015In House News, Memorials & Honors
Winter 2015Back page, George Washington Not 1 st President, but 5 th , The Montgomery Advertiser, May 5, 1940
Issue 1 – 2016The Life and Times of Dr. Charles Thigpen – Wizard, Rankin File, Montgomery Advertiser, Dec. 10, 1950
Issue 1 – 2016Madison House an Old Montgomery Relic Destroyed, Source or date unknown
Issue 1 – 2016Montgomery, Alabama’s Oak Park Arthor and date unknown
Issue 1 – 2016Montgomery Botantical Garden, Mrs. Ethel Boykin
Issue 1 – 2016The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 4, The Old Arm Chair. By Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, January 23, 1916
Issue 1 – 2016A Great Charity, Where The Sick and Wounded are Cared For, The Daily Advertiser, January 8, 1896
Issue 1 – 2016Sally Campbell, Writer Unknown
Issue 1 – 2016Carter Plantation, Editor
Issue 1 – 2016MCHS Junior Board
Issue 1 – 2016Freeney’s Tavern, (Bell’s Tavern) December 24, 1898
Issue 1 – 2016Berney’s 1892 Handbook of Alabama, by John B. Scott, 2016
Issue 1 – 2016Spring Membership Meeting Big Success
Issue 1 – 2016Year End Donors
Issue 1 – 2016Board Member Retires, Frances Hightower Hill
Issue 1 – 2016Summer BBQ, June 9, at Court Square
Issue 1 – 2016Back Page, Wedding Photograph for identification, includes Dr. John Martin
Issue II – 2016The Town Clock, Through the Years by Peter A. Brannon, Montgomery Advertiser, May 8, 1944
Issue II – 2016The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 12, More Old Houses, by Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, September 17, 1916
Issue II – 2016Dedication Waller Home Memorial Hospital, by Sir George Waller, June 20, 1920
Issue II – 2016Civil War Has Ended in Montgomery, (or “The Night the Cradle Fell”) by Lt. Col. John Hawkins Napier III
Issue II – 2016“Gentlemen” Jesse James in Alabama, Presented to the Montgomery Kiwanis Club, August 30, 1921 by J. M. Garrett
Issue II – 2016Bar-B-Que at Court Square was the Event of the Summer – June 9, 2016
Issue II – 2016Back Page, Farmers bring cotton to sell at Court Square early in the 1900s
Issue III – 2016The Untold Story of the Fountain, This article was first published in the Montgomery Guide in August 1982.
Issue III – 2016High Points in Alabama’s History (By Thomas M. Owen, LLD., Director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History.)
Issue III – 2016Albert Strassburger, as Mayer, Surrendered Montgomery to Wilson’s Raiders During War, The Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday, August 20, 1916
Issue III – 2016Montgomery County Bicentennial Commeration- 1816-2016
Issue III – 2016The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 13, More Old Homes, September 24, 1916, By Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal
Issue III – 2016The Pollard House, By Elizabeth Winston Sheehan, Alabama Historical Quarterly Historic Homes #4, Vol. 1, No. 4, Winter Issue 1930, Published by the State Department of Archives and History
Issue III – 2016Social Life of the Capital of the State, By Miss Whitman Hood (date unknown)
Issue III – 2016Reminiscences of Montgomery: Jackson’s Lake, By Fuzzy Woodruff (date Unknown), aka Joel W., reporter for Advertiser-Journal, brother to Gussie.
Issue III – 2016I Remember Montgomery: ‘Born Teacher,’ Miss Wyman Tells Tales of Early Schools, Teaching, Montgomery Advertiser, January 19, 1964, by Lida Hill, Women’s Staff Writer
Issue III – 2016Banner for the 200th Anniversary of the Birthday of Montgomery County, Back page.
Issue IV – 2016A Special Edition, Honoring the Bicentennial of Montgomery County, Alabama on December 6, 2016, celebrating with East Montgomery County Historical Society, Pintlala Historical Society and MCHS.
Issue IV – 2016Map of Montgomery County, 6 December 1816 – 5 February 1818.
Issue IV – 2016Montgomery County and City, compiled by Mary Ann Neeley, December 6, 2016, Montgomery County, Montgomery, The City, From Matthew Blue
Issue IV – 2016An Informal Listing for Further Reading
Issue IV – 2016Back Page, An Act to divide the County of Monroe, and form a new County by The name of Montgomery, passed, December 6, 1816.
Winter Issue I – 2017Old Cowles Home Soon To Become Only a Tradition
Winter Issue I – 2017Hope Hull, The Duggars, and Clorox
Winter Issue I – 2017The Lady of The Old Arm Chair, No. 8, Some Old Montgomery Homes, Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, Aug. 20, 1916
Winter Issue I – 2017The Days of Augusta, Alabama by Peter A. Brannon, Montgomery Advertiser, January 12, 1947
Winter Issue I – 2017Old Augusta, by Peter A. Brannon, August 30, 1931
Winter Issue I – 2017A Review of Montgomery County’s Bicentennial by Gary Burton
Winter Issue I – 2017Volunteers Needed
Winter Issue I – 2017A Big Program For History for 2017 in Montgomery, “The Gathering Year”
Winter Issue I – 2017Year End Supporters
Winter Issue I – 2017In House News
Winter Issue I – 2017Dates to Remember, Membership Meeting, Sunday, April 30 th , Thursday, June 8th Annual Summer Bar-B-Que
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017A Letter to a Family of a Gallant Soldier Who Proudly Gave His Life for His Homeland, Tribute to Robert Armstead to “Dear Mrs. Fitzpatrick”
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Edward Pattillo at Spring Meeting
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Capt. Walter Bragg as Democratic Leader, C.M. Stanley, The Alabama Journal, January 10, 1954
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Maximillian C. Armstrong, 1780-1858, First Postmaster in Montgomery County, Robert Armstrong, Mathews, Alabama
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Three Interesting Articles Written by C. M. “Cash” Stanley, Editor of The Alabama Journal - (Montgomery’s Ladies and Editor of The Alabama Journal- Journal - Sept. 28, 1952) (Alabama Jurist at Lincoln Inaugural, Aug. 5, 1951) and (A Very Old Chimney, A Very Old Cemetery, June 19, 1955)
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017The Empire is the Only System of its Kind in the World, The Montgomery Advertiser, July 22, 1919
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017The Lady of The Old Arm Chair, No. 3, “Gran”. Robert’s Crossroads, the Colony in Rio, Brazil, Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, Sunday, July 16, 1916
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Gatherings in Pintlala
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Reminisces of Montgomery, Dancing School, Fuzzy Woodruff, The Montgomery Advertiser
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017The Night The Whiskey Ran Out, Mr. Jack McLemore, Jr.
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017MCHS Annual Fund Raiser Bar-B-Que, Western Rail of Montgomery
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017In House News
Volume 25, No. 2, Issue 2, 2017Back Page, Souvenir Brick
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Passing of the Old Montgomery Theatre
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Success and Tragedy, Hand in Hand, By C. M. Stanley, The Alabama Journal, Montgomery Advertiser, October 28, 1948
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017A Silk Hat, A Mule and Some Other Stories, C. M. Stanley, The Alabama Journal, Montgomery Advertiser, c. 1958-59
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Two Interesting Articles from “I Remember Montgomery” by Lida Hill, Woman’s Staff Writer, Advertiser-Journal, 1963-64 (Mrs. Mizell Recalls Fashionable Hat…Feb. 23, 1964) and (Beauvoir Club Christmas Balls, December 22, 1963
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017History of St. Peter’s Parish in Montgomery Covers Over Century, First Records Dated 1825
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Landmark Foundation Presents Historic Preservation Awards (Fuller & Crane)
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 6, The Old Montgomery Hall by Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, August 6, 1916
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Oak Park Open Air Service Will Begin on Sunday, July 2, 1916
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Letter from J. G. Klinck of Tennessee, from Montgomery Mail, Nov. 24, 1858
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Knight of the French Legion of Honor, Nimrod T. Frazeer
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017In House News, Unity Club
Volume 25, No. 3, Issue 3, 2017Back Page, Picture of Capitol Building in 1886.
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017The Big Ditch, The Story about Peyton Bibb and the Wharfage Tax, William J. Mahoney, Jr., Alabama Journal, Friday, May 11, 1956
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Four Handsome Residences Being Built in One Section, Total Cost is $87,000, Montgomery Advertiser, June 25, 1916
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Daily State Sentinel, By John Hardy, Office-Opposite Montgomery Hall, Hour of Publication – Three O’Clock, P.M., Montgomery, June 29, 1867
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017The First Hanging in Montgomery County
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017First Movies, Automobiles Recalled in Childhood of Mrs. Willis Brewer, By Lida Hill, Women’s Staff Writer, Montgomery Advertiser, Date Unknown
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017An Alabama River Trip 100 Years Ago, By C.M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal (Montgomery Advertiser), July 10, 1949, Date of trip was April 22, 1855, or 163 years ago
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017An Excursion with Montgomery’s Gilmers, By C.M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal (Montgomery Advertiser), c. 1957
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017New Executive Director. Alma Hubbard, By Christy Anderson
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017The Lady of the Old Arm Chair, No. 16, More Old Homes, By Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, October 15, 1916
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Josephine Screws McGowin
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Honors, new members, special donations
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Year End Contributions
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Historical Society Membership Meeting in November, “First Auburn Coach”
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017In House News
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Memorials
Volume 25, No. 4, Issue 4, 2017Back Page, Rev. George H.W. Petrie, Coach George Petrie
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Cornerstone Laid at Confederate Monument in 1886, By Priscilla Cooper Tyler Goodwyn to her 14 year old son who was away in school in Virginia, Letter Dated April 28, 1886.
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018The First [Street] Car Propelled by Electricity, Montgomery Advertiser 1916
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Interesting Scraps taken from Scrapbook from the John Dowe Family
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Some Examples of Morris Wolff’s Memory, by C. M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal (Montgomery Advertiser) June 3, 1956
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018War Story From World War II, As told to James Fuller by Mike Jenkins IV, May 2018
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018William Knox and Anne Octavia Lewis Knox, by C. M. “Cash” Stanley, Editor Alabama Journal, June 15, 1956
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018An Account of Alabama Indian Missions and Presbyterian Churches in 1828, From the Travel Diary of William S. Potts (1802-1852)
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018The Lady of The Old Arm Chair, No. 14, “More Old Homes”, by Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, October 1, 1916
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Trace your Family Roots and Celebrate Alabama’s Bicentennial, Your Family Roots,
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018A Summer of Discovery, June 2 - July 28, 2018
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018A History of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, from “A Handbook To The Collection” 1980 Golden Anniversary
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Spring Membership Meeting Featured Author, Joey Brackner, by Alma Hubbard
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Fund Raising Bar-B-Que Time, Thursday, June 7 th , 6:00, Crescent Lake Club, Since 1888
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018In House News
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018New Board members & Contributions to Archival Collections
Volume 26, No. 1, Issue 1, 2018Back Page, Colonial Motors, when the Figh-Pcikett-Barnes School House was Located in 1949-50
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Early Settlers of Montgomery Were Believers in Churches, Based on “Recollections Of the Early Settlers of Montgomery County and their Families”, written by W. G. Robertson and published in 1892
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018The Great Montgomery Monkey Trial, by John B. Scott, Jr. Reprinted as requested
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018The Troubled History of Hamner Hall, by Richard Allen, June 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018The Old Arm Chair – Empty, by Toccoa Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Dec.1,1916
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Mrs. Hannah MacIntire Cozart “The Lady of the Old Arm Chair” claimed by Death Early Today, Obituary, The Montgomery Advertiser,Monday, Nov. 20. 1916
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Director of First Sound Picture and Aide to Edison Returns Home, by Katherine Tyson, Women’s Editor, Montgomery Advertiser
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Dr. Miller Reese Hutchison, Birmingham News, Feb. 22, 1944
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018John Wilkes Booth in Montgomery, Montgomery Advertiser, 1920
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Fleming’s Restaurant
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Recent Bar-B-Que a Big Success at Historic Crescent Lake Club, June 9, 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018In House News, Genealogy Workshop
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2018Back Page, c1945 Montgomery County Board of Education picture
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Pat Clark Appointed as The Executive Director of the Montgomery County Historical Society, October 10, 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Bull Fights and Hypnotism in Montgomery, by C. M. Cash Stanley, Editor Alabama Journal, January 27, 1952
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018They Shook the Hand of Jefferson Davis, by C. M. Stanley, Editor, the Alabama Journal, April 25, 1948
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Pioneer Doctor from Montgomery, Dr. J. Marion Sims, by Tom Sellers, Atlanta, The Phoenix Citizen, Phoenix City, Ala.
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Horace King, 1807-1885, Architect, Contractor, Bridge Builder, Curving-Self-Supporting Stair Builder and Office Holder, Dr. Richard Bailey, 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Those Marble Tablets in Montgomery’s Public Library on High Street, By Gary Burton
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Names on the Public Library Marble Tablets, Memorials to Citizens of Montgomery or Confederate Veterans
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Panics of Other Days, The Montgomery Advertiser, Date unknown, 1932
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Mary Ann Neeley and Sam Butner
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018Fall Membership Meeting, Dallas Hanbury, Montgomery County Archivist, Nov. 4, 2018
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018New Books, Mr. Nimrod Frazer, Dr. James P. Pate
Volume 26, No. 2, Issue 3, Summer 2018In House News
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018The Early History of Steamboats in Alabama, Ala. Polytechnic Institute Historical Studies, Third Series, by Mell A. Frazer, Auburn, Ala. 1907
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018New Steamer to Ply From Mobile to Montgomery, Purchased from Vicksburg Parties - The “J.H. Menge” will replace the “City of Mobile” on the River, Montgomery Advertiser, Wednesday, July 26, 1916 (Special to the Advertiser)
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018Ford Sees Time When Flivver Planes Will Sell for Less than Ford Cars, Fort Myers, Fla., March 4, 1928 – AP
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018Rankin File, Oldest City Directory on Record Turns Up, By Fields Varner, Pitch-Hitting for Allen Rankin
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018River Boat May Return to Traffic, The Montgomery Advertiser, Monday, July 16, 1917
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018Montgomery Guarded in 1897 as Yellow Fever Toll Climbed, by Maxie D. Pepperman, Montgomery, Alabama, December 10, 1950
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018A Montgomery Landmark: The Old First Presbyterian Church, built 1845-47, Montgomery’s Oldest Sanctuary and one of a few structures of that time …
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018History Mysteries, The Church Bell, “Bib Brothers Bible Class”, Constitutional Convention
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018From the Desk of Our Executive Director, Pat Clark, Annual Spring Bar-B-Que
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 20182018 Year-End Contributions
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018In House News
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018County Archivist, Dallas Hanbury, MCHS Membership Meeting
Volume 26, No. 4, Issue 4 – Fall 2018Ray Davis Rawlings