The Governor’s Office has set 10:30AM on November 15 as the time for the awards ceremony. This is a change from 2:00PM(or 10:00) on the 18th which was the original, but tentative time. No more changes are anticipated, unless some unforeseen emergency arises. Please make sure everyone you talked to about this event gets the word about the date and time change. The ceremony will be in the Old House Chamber in the Capitol Building on the second floor.

Moniac descendants are welcome to come together at 9:30AM in the office of Ms. Lee Sellers, the Governor’s Project Officer, to meet and get acquainted for those who do not know each other– Room N. 102 on the 1st floor of the Capitol.
All attendees should enter the Capitol at the front, main entrance and be prepared to go through a security check point—no weapons allowed, of course. Then proceed to the elevators to Old House Chamber. Parking is scarce, but street parking is available, and there are a few handicapped spaces in front of the Capitol.

Seats will be reserved for family members if you let me know in advance that you are coming, and seats will be reserved for Tribal Chiefs. The event is open to the public, but seating is limited.

So far, we know family members are coming from Korea, Washington, D.C., Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and of course, Alabama, to be a part of this historic and unprecedented event. We have not heard from the Western Tribe yet.

The Governor will present the award honoring Major Moniac to family representatives. If other family members would like to have a copy of the award certificate let me know and I will make sure copies are available. If family members are unable to attend I will mail a copy if you let me know.

The event will be live-streamed on the Governor’s Web site for those who cannot attend in person. If you have questions about that, please contact Ms. sellers.