The MCHS Herald
Vol 26-1, Issue 1, 2018

Vol 26-1 Issue 1 2018

  • “Cornerstone Laid at Confederate Monument in 1886, Letter, Priscilla Cooper Tyler Goodwyn, dated April 28, 1886”
  • “Mr. Frank Rosa, Sr., Kress, 1934”
  • “May & Green, by Tom Conner”
  • “The First [Street] Car Propelled by Electricity, Montgomery Advertiser, 1916”
  • Interesting Scraps taken from Scrapbook from the John Dowe Family.
  • “Some Examples of Morris Wolff’s Memory, By C. M. Stanley, Editor, The Alabama Journal (Montgomery Advertiser) June 3, 1956.”
  • “War Story From World War II as told to James Fuller by Mike Jenkins IV, May 2018”
  • “William Knox and Anne Octavia Lewis Knox, By C. M. “Cash” Stanley, Editor, Journal (Montgomery Advertiser) June 3, 1956.”
  • An Account of Alabama Indian Missions and Presbyterian Churches in 1828 From The Travel Diary of William S. Potts (1802-1852)
  • “The Lady of The Old Arm Chair, No. 14, “More Old Homes” by Hannah McIntyre Cozart, The Montgomery Journal, Sunday, October 1, 1916”
  • “Rev. Billy Graham and Local Golfers, Interesting Note from Steve Walker”
  • “Your Family Roots: A Summer of Discovery, June 2 – July 28, an advertisement”
  • “A History of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, From “A Handbook to the Collection” 1980 Golden Anniversary”
  • Spring Membership Meeting featured Author Joey Brackner by Alma Hubbard
  • “Fund Raising Bar-B-Que Time, Thursday, June 7th, 6:00, Crescent Lake Club, Since 1888.”
  • In House News
  • “New Board Members, May Lamar Donnell & Anne Henry Tidmore”
  • “Back Page, Colonial Motors when it was located in the Figh-Picket-Barnes School House 1949-50”