1. Rather than live-stream, the Governor’s Press Office will make a video of the ceremony and then send it out on social media and put it on the Governor’s official website. That way it will be permanent, and people can watch it at their convenience. 2. If you are unable or just do not [...]

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  • SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022, 2-4 pm and come to the “Relocation Reunion Roundtable” bringing together the engineers, house movers and restorers that saved the 1837 Figh Pickett House from demolition. See and hear original footage, anecdotes by the principals, community members, not just Society members, who witnessed the saga/fun, along with pie, coffee, and tea in Figh Pickett Barnes School House. If you have any photos from that famous June 30 1996 weekend when the Olympic Torch came through, please share them with us at 512 South Court St. 36104 and we will scan and return them to you. Call 334-264-8337 & leave a message to reserve a chair. THE LIFT IS WORKING FROM FRONT YARD up TO BIG ROOM!

This Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022: Join in the Relocation Reunion Roundtable

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Sallie Wood Millsap

Herald article: "Margaret Booth School Remembered" was written by Sallie Wood Millsap many years ago and included in the recent MCHS Herald Vol. 29, Issue 3, 2021, page 4. Many apologies to Sallie: It was meant to be a pleasant surprise and it was, just not in the title box.

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Oakwood History Tour Feb. 20, 2021

MCHS Board member Dr. Richard Bailey will be leading a walking tour of Oakwood Cemetery on Feb. 20, 2021. For tickets and information contact landmarksfoundation.com or 334-240-4500 .Tickets $10 online or in person, meet at 9:45 at the Oakwood main entrance.

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Where History & GIS combine: Oakwood Cemetery Project

Looking for outdoor tech savvy project? How about field surveying historic old Oakwood Cemetery using your smart phone camera, a geolocation app and base map to refine the records of actual grave locations? More challenging than it sounds with gps off by 10-35 feet, have to drop a pin on a plot where 3 others [...]

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Tourism Makes History (Pun intended)

Congratulations to MCHS on winning the Alabama Tourism Product Development Grant to fund redesigning and improving our website! Stay tuned for even more enhancements including all the Heralds since 1993, all 36,000 Oakwood Cemetery records entered and organized by the Green Sisters, Shara and Judia over the last 2 years. The database could grow to [...]

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  • https://youtu.be/1oxFX56tSUI?t=2479

First Presbyterian Church Property

Have you seen the Montgomery Advertiser today? Friday the 13th was a good day for Montgomery County Historical Society. We thank those who donated to the project to hire the historical restoration experts who inspected the old church to make sure it could be restored at a reasonable cost. With First Baptist's blessing, our Society [...]

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Through the Years – Market Street – from the Winter 2015 Herald

Through The Years Market Street By Peter A. Brannon The Montgomery Advertiser October 30, 1938 ONE good thing which has come out of the modernization of Montgomery is the discovery (though it was not entirely lost) of the old marker at the corner of Market and Court Streets. A few days ago I got a [...]

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Check Out Our Newsletter, The Herald

If you love Montgomery history and want to help preserve that history please consider becoming a member of the Montgomery County Historical Society. Dues are as little as $15 per year and include a subscription to the quarterly The Herald newsletter. This magazine is full of interesting stories, photos and facts about Montgomery and MCHS. [...]

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