1. Rather than live-stream, the Governor’s Press Office will make a video of the ceremony and then send it out on social media and put it on the Governor’s official website. That way it will be permanent, and people can watch it at their convenience.
2. If you are unable or just do not want to climb the long marble steps to come in the front door, you can come in the back entrance on Union Street. Here you will also have to clear security. This entrance is handicap assessable, and the public restrooms are in that area, as is the Goat Hill Gift Shop. If you use the Union Street entrance, when you get on the elevator press 1 for the 1st floor (Union Street is S, for street level). When you exit the elevator on 1, walk toward the front of the building, passing through the Old Supreme Court area, and you will come to another set of elevators. Take an elevator to 2 and you will be at the Rotunda and the Old House Chamber.
3. Masks are optional, but recommended. The Old House Chamber may be close quarters, so masking makes sense there.
4. We have been informed that the Principal Chief of the Muscogee Nation in Oklahoma will lead a 10 person delegation, including his Vice Principal Chief, and their Ambassador to the United States. The Chairperson and CEO of the Poarch Tribe will head a 10-person delegation made up of the Tribal Council.
5. We have heard from 20 descendants who say they are going to attend, and five others, including another direct descendant, who are not attending.
Again, if you have questions feel free to contact me or Ms. Sellers
Richard F Allen